sandi“I find the fiber arts to be compelling and completely absorbing. For me, it is the visual exploration of ideas and obsessions using color and shape. In my work, I strive to achieve a delicate balance between spontaneous design and exact execution, thereby creating a constant challenge to produce something fluid within a static structure. The very nature of the materials I work with suggests an experience in tactile imagery and contrasts.”

I have been a fiber/mixed media artist for over 30 years specializing in creating artwork that pleases the eye and craves to be touched.  The inspiration for my work is the textural qualities of manmade and natural fibers that I find in my travels around Maine and in my environment that I love to photograph. Living in Searsport, Maine, I am a retired art educator who  works with many different arts organizations and businesses throughout the Northeast. I also do commissioned work.

I am teaching a variety of workshops in New York, Vermont, Maine and North Carolina.

Please browse my online art gallery and my list of upcoming exhibitions. I also offer workshops, and you can check the calendar for dates and locations.